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Newcastle – Blackburn

bursa versi asianhandicap

Head To head

England – Premier L… 19.10.2002 Blackburn R.   5-2 1 Newcastle U.  
England – Premier L… 22.03.2003 Newcastle U.   5-1   Blackburn R.  
England – Premier L… 28.12.2003 Newcastle U.   0-1   Blackburn R.  
England – Premier L… 11.02.2004 Blackburn R.   1-1   Newcastle U.  
England – Premier L… 11.09.2004 Newcastle U.   3-0   Blackburn R.  
England – Premier L… 26.12.2004 Blackburn R.   2-2   Newcastle U.  
England – Premier L… 18.09.2005 Blackburn R.   0-3   Newcastle U.  
England – Premier L… 21.01.2006 Newcastle U.   0-1   Blackburn R.  
England – Premier L… 09.12.2006 Blackburn R. 1 1-3   Newcastle U.  
England – Premier L… 05.05.2007 Newcastle U.   0-2   Blackburn R.  
England – Premier L… 01.12.2007 Blackburn R.   3-1   Newcastle U.

10 pertandingan terakhir Newcastle

England Premier League 02.01.2008 Newcastle U.   0-2   Manchester C.  
England FA Cup 06.01.2008 Stoke C.   0-0   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 12.01.2008 Manchester U.   6-0 1 Newcastle U.  
England FA Cup 16.01.2008 Newcastle U. 1 4-1   Stoke C.  
England Premier League 19.01.2008 Newcastle U.   0-0   Bolton W.  
England FA Cup 26.01.2008 Arsenal   3-0   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 29.01.2008 Arsenal   3-0   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 03.02.2008 Newcastle U.   1-1   Middlesbrough  
England Premier League 09.02.2008 Aston Villa   4-1   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 23.02.2008 Newcastle U.   1-5   Manchester U.  

Statistik kandang tandang Newcatle

Win Lose Draw
All 7 13 7
Home 5 4 5
Away 2 9 2

10 pertandingan terakhir Blackburn

England Premier League 27.12.2007 Manchester C.   2-2   Blackburn R.  
England Premier League 30.12.2007 Derby County   1-2   Blackburn R.  
England Premier League 02.01.2008 Blackburn R.   1-0 1 Sunderland  
England FA Cup 05.01.2008 Blackburn R.   1-4   Coventry C.  
England Premier League 13.01.2008 Bolton W.   1-2   Blackburn R.  
England Premier League 19.01.2008 Blackburn R.   1-1   Middlesbrough  
England Premier League 26.01.2008 Aston Villa   1-1   Blackburn R.  
England Premier League 02.02.2008 Blackburn R.   0-0   Everton  
England Premier League 11.02.2008 Arsenal   2-0   Blackburn R.  
England Premier League 24.02.2008 Blackburn R.   4-1   Bolton W.

Statistik kandang tandang Blackburn

  Win Lose Draw
All 11 7 9
Home 6 4 4
Away 5 3 5

Arsenal – astonvilla

Bursa Asianhandicap

01/3 23:00
Partly Clear 8°C~10°C Humidity: 66%

[1] Arsenal vs Aston Villa [6]

1.85 0 : 3/4 2.05 1.54 3.67 6.34

Head To head

England – Premier L… 30.11.2002 Arsenal   3-1   Aston Villa  
England – Premier L… 05.04.2003 Aston Villa   1-1   Arsenal  
England – Premier L… 27.08.2003 Arsenal   2-0   Aston Villa  
England – Premier L… 18.01.2004 Aston Villa   0-2   Arsenal  
England – Premier L… 16.10.2004 Arsenal   3-1   Aston Villa  
England – Premier L… 05.02.2005 Aston Villa   1-3   Arsenal  
England – Premier L… 31.12.2005 Aston Villa   0-0   Arsenal  
England – Premier L… 01.04.2006 Arsenal   5-0   Aston Villa  
England – Premier L… 19.08.2006 Arsenal   1-1   Aston Villa  
England – Premier L… 14.03.2007 Aston Villa   0-1   Arsenal  
England – Premier L… 01.12.2007 Aston Villa   1-2   Arsenal

10 last Game Arsenal

England Premier League 12.01.2008 Arsenal   1-1   Birmingham C.  
England Premier League 19.01.2008 Fulham   0-3   Arsenal  
England League Cup 22.01.2008 Tottenham H.   5-1   Arsenal  
England FA Cup 26.01.2008 Arsenal   3-0   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 29.01.2008 Arsenal   3-0   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 02.02.2008 Manchester C.   1-3   Arsenal  
England Premier League 11.02.2008 Arsenal   2-0   Blackburn R.  
England FA Cup 16.02.2008 Manchester U.   4-0 1 Arsenal  
Champions League 1s… 20.02.2008 Arsenal   0-0   AC Milan  
England Premier League 23.02.2008 Birmingham C. 1 2-2   Arsenal

Statistik kandang tandang Arsenal

  Win Lose Draw
All 19 1 7
Home 12 0 2
Away 7 1 5

10 last game Aston Villa

England Premier League 26.12.2007 Chelsea 2 4-4 1 Aston Villa  
England Premier League 29.12.2007 Wigan Athletic   1-2   Aston Villa  
England Premier League 01.01.2008 Aston Villa   2-1   Tottenham H.  
England FA Cup 05.01.2008 Aston Villa   0-2   Manchester U.  
England Premier League 12.01.2008 Aston Villa   3-1   Reading  
England Premier League 21.01.2008 Liverpool   2-2   Aston Villa  
England Premier League 26.01.2008 Aston Villa   1-1   Blackburn R.  
England Premier League 03.02.2008 Fulham   2-1   Aston Villa  
England Premier League 09.02.2008 Aston Villa   4-1   Newcastle U.  
England Premier League 24.02.2008 Reading   1-2   Aston Villa  

Statistik kandang tandang Astonvilla

  Win Lose Draw
All 13 6 8
Home 8 4 2
Away 5 2 6

Westham- chelsea

head to head

league Date Home   Score   Away info
England – Premier L… 28.09.2002 Chelsea   2-3   West Ham U.  
England – Premier L… 03.05.2003 West Ham U.   1-0   Chelsea  
England – League Cup 27.10.2004 Chelsea   1-0   West Ham U.  
England – Premier L… 02.01.2006 West Ham U.   1-3   Chelsea  
England – Premier L… 09.04.2006 Chelsea 1 4-1   West Ham U.  
England – Premier L… 18.11.2006 Chelsea   1-0   West Ham U.  
England – Premier L… 18.04.2007 West Ham U.   1-4   Chelsea  
England – Premier L… 01.12.2007 Chelsea   1-0   West Ham U.  

10 pertandingan terKHIR westham

league Date Home   Score   Away info
England Premier League 29.12.2007 West Ham U.   2-1   Manchester U.  
England Premier League 01.01.2008 Arsenal   2-0   West Ham U.  
England FA Cup 05.01.2008 West Ham U.   0-0   Manchester C.  
England Premier League 12.01.2008 West Ham U.   2-1   Fulham  
England FA Cup 16.01.2008 Manchester C.   1-0   West Ham U.  
England Premier League 20.01.2008 Manchester C.   1-1   West Ham U.  
England Premier League 30.01.2008 West Ham U.   1-0   Liverpool  
England Premier League 02.02.2008 Wigan Athletic   1-0   West Ham U.  
England Premier League 09.02.2008 West Ham U. 1 1-1   Birmingham C.  
England Premier League 23.02.2008 Fulham 1 0-1   West Ham U.  

statistik kandang tandang westham

  Win Lose Draw
All 11 8 7
Home 5 3 5
Away 6 5 2

10 last game chelsea

League Date Home   Score   Away info
England Premier League 12.01.2008 Chelsea   2-0   Tottenham H.  
England Premier League 19.01.2008 Birmingham C.   0-1   Chelsea  
England League Cup 23.01.2008 Everton   0-1   Chelsea  
England FA Cup 26.01.2008 Wigan Athletic   1-2   Chelsea  
England Premier League 30.01.2008 Chelsea   1-0   Reading  
England Premier League 02.02.2008 Portsmouth   1-1   Chelsea  
England Premier League 10.02.2008 Chelsea   0-0   Liverpool  
England FA Cup 16.02.2008 Chelsea   3-1   Huddersfield T.  
Champions League 1s… 19.02.2008 Olympiakos   0-0   Chelsea  
England League Cup 24.02.2008 Tottenham H.   2-1   Chelsea

statistik kandang tandang chelsea

preview on goal.com

Arsenal v Aston Villa

With Eduardo’s broken leg, William Gallas’s tantrums last week and a spat between Adebayor and Bendtner a while back, it all seems to be going topsy-turvy for the Arsenal. A heavy defeat to local rival Spurs in the Carling Cup semi-final as well as the more recent thrashing by Man Utd in the FA Cup have seen the Gunners fall flat on their faces in the domestic cups. Some will say that they are still three points clear at the top of the table after a terrific start to the season, but how long will this lead last taking into account the loss of another main striker as well as the seemingly obvious cracksthat are beginning to appear in this extremely young and fragile Arsenal side? Having said that, I’m sure we could all sympathise with skipper Gallas after last week’s game. Despite many pundits berating him for his lack of leadership, who can blame him? He had just seen one of his team-mates suffer a horrific injury and his side drop two vital points thanks to a late, late,  dubious penalty. Nevertheless, Arsenal will clearly have to get back on their feet as soon as possible; otherwise they could find themselves struggling. Perhaps Theo Walcott can now finally play an important part in the Gunners’ season.

Aston Villa are maintaining their excellent form and are still in line to qualify for a European spot come the end of the season. Whether that will be a much-coveted Champions League spot we will have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure, wherever Villa finish this season, there is a lot to expect from them next seaso, too. In fact, it would be interesting to see who is favourite to finish in the top four next campaign, regardless of the outcome of this year’s final league table. Villa have a brilliant, small squad with a very attacking style of play. Ashley Young looks one of the best wingers in the league and Agbonlahor and Carew are forming a convincing partnership up-front. Not only that, but O’Neill’s defence is rock solid. I expect Villa to finish in a Uefa Cup spot come the end of the season.

This is a very interesting game, because we all want to see how Arsenal cope after the heavy media coverage of them this week. Aston Villa will certainly want to take advantage of the situation at the Emirates. It will be fascinating to see how Arsene Wenger approaches the game and who he chooses up-front. Is Theo Walcott in with a chance of making the starting line up after his wonderful performance last week? Despite all the hype and expectancy of Arsenal to drop points once again, I firmly believe they will be too good for Villa on the day.

Prediksiku: 2-1
Birmingham City v Tottenham Hotspur
After an outstanding result against League leaders Arsenal last week, Birmingham now look ready to take on Tottenham Hotspur. Alex McLeish’s side collected their most unlikely point against the Gunners and despite the horrific and sickening injury to Eduardo, Birmingham actually pushed Arsenal all the way and possibly deserved their late equaliser. Defender Taylor has come in for a bit of stick after that late tackle, but in all honesty there was nothing malicious in it and I am 100% certain that he didn’t mean to injure Eduardo. I think after a fantastic result, Birmingham must now continue to edge away from the drop zone. Of course, it is their home form which will play a major part in deciding whether they stay up or go down.

Tottenham’s magnificent Carling Cup Final victory over Chelsea ended the club’s nine-year trophy drought and proved how good Spurs actually are. That performance showed everyone why Tottenham were being tipped to finish in fourth place this season. In fact, all that needed tweaking was the defence. Woodgate and Hutton have outstanding ability and they have provided Spurs with that finishing touch. Juande Ramos is proving to be a wonderful manager. My only worry for Spurs is that now they have qualified for the Uefa Cup for next season via the Carling Cup, what is their League ambition for this season? Are they happy to concentrate on European glory and a mid-table finish, or do they still want to finish in a respectable position in the Premiership? All will be revealed soon, starting with this tricky away fixture against Birmingham City.

With Birmingham relying on home form to keep them up this season, it is quite possible they can go on and win this game. However, Tottenham are getting back to their best and if they do have any ambitions and/or targets for the League this season, I’m sure they will do all they can to win this difficult away game.

Prediksiku: 1-2

Derby County v Sunderland
Paul Jewell was absolutely furious last weekend as his side lost to his former club Wigan in what was quite a meaningless encounter for the Rams. In fact, Derby are definitely going down so do they really have any meaningful games left this season? Well, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd all to play the bottom club, maybe Derby fans can enjoy the prospect of playing the best in England before they go down. On a more serious note, Jewell is definitely unhappy with his side and you can expect him to sell many of his players come the summer – especially after his comment last weekend:
‘Some players are not worthy of being here and the sooner we can get them out the better.’
After making such a strong comment, you can be sure Jewell will be doing all he can to prepare the team for next season in the Championship.

It’s hardly surprising that Sunderland have failed to win an away game all season. After all, they aren’t exactly expected to do well on their travels. But, delightfully, their home form has been superb and will be the key to keeping them out of trouble this season. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity for the Sunderland players to taste victory on their travels for the first time this campaign as they play bottom club Derby, in what is now hardly a six-pointer, thanks to the Rams’ imminent fall. Sunderland have played some good stuff this season and have definitely improved since the start of the campaign. They are a battling and courageous side and so long as they can keep that up for the remainder of the season, they should stay in the Premier League.

If ever, there was a time for Derby players to stand up and be counted and to show their manager what they are really made of, this is it. Derby simply haven’t performed all season and though they have got fractionally better since Christmas, they have still been unable to win games. No doubt they will find it tough to beat Sunderland, but the Rams’ fans deserve a real performance from their side, so perhaps we could see a shock Derby win here. But that seems unlikely as Sunderland are playing quite well. They will want to pull away from the drop zone and this is their best opportunity to win an away game. I’m going for a slender Sunderland win.

Prediksiku: 1-1

Fulham v Manchester United
Fulham are in deep trouble now, as the season comes towards its climax and they are four points adrift of safety. They have signed some new players in the January transfer window, but so far this seems to have paid no dividends as the Cottagers try to escape relegation. Fulham have been desperately unlucky throughout the season on many occasions, but it is about time they stopped complaining about this and started to actually play well enough to win games regardless of any refereeing errors. Unlike some, I believe there is still quite a bit to come from Fulham this campaign and as soon as they win a game they should be on their way to safety. The question is, will they ever win a game?

United are only three points away from top spot in the Premier League thanks to their win and Arsenal’s draw. They now face quite an easy test in Fulham. It is an away game and United have been shocked a few times already this season, nonetheless, they have an outstanding squad of players and even if the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney are rested, they will always still have enough to win games. And as the season comes to a close, with United still three points off the pace, I’m sure Alex Ferguson will be telling his side to go for the goals, as it could be goal difference which is vitally important come that final day in May.

This will be a tougher game for Man Utd than expected but the only way they can drop points here is if they are complacent. Fulham have a point to prove and they must win a game and quick if they want to stay up. After all, if they fail to win and the others above them snatch points, Fulham will be further away from securing safety. Despite the threat the Cottagers could pose, I’m sure United will really go for it this game and I expect a drubbing.

Prediksiku: 0-2

Manchester City v Wigan Athletic

Sven’s Manchester City side were well and truly beaten by Everton last time out. Of course, a 2-0 defeat doesn’t sound all that bad, but the manner of the game and Everton’s dominance really showed how much City will have to work if they are to secure a top six finish this season. Worse still, Martin Petrov’s late sending off during that game means he is suspended for three games. That is quite a bad thing for City as Petrov has arguably been their best and most consistent performer this season. It will be strange to see how City shape up without Petrov’s heavy influence on the wing. Personally, I think City are going through a peculiar sort of patch at the moment and unless they beat the likes of Wigan, I cannot see them finishing sixth.

Wigan are a battling side and have it all to do in order to stay in the Premier League. Their win over Derby last time out was no doubt important, but to be fair, they were playing poor opposition. Nevertheless, the Latics can now have confidence ahead of this game. In fact, if Wigan go about things the right way, they really could give City a tough game. But then again, I’m sure people will say that games like these are a bonus for Wigan and it is the teams in and around them which they will have to beat in order to stay up.

City were magnificent at home at the start of the season, but recently that form has gone out of the window. However, Sven’s men will have to pick their home form back up and soon if they are to really push for a European cup spot. If Wigan win this game they should have enough confidence to go on and avoid relegation. But I don’t think the Latics will get anything here.

Prediksiku: 2-0

Middlesbrough v Reading

Haven’t Middlesbrough been doing well in recent weeks? After going through a bad spell where it seemed inevitable they would go down, all of a sudden they find themselves seven points clear of the drop zone and in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Agreed, they scraped their way past Sheffield United, but they still have a cup to chase. New signing Afonso Alves hasn’t really ‘clicked’ as of yet, however he has shown some signs of how good he can be. The future looks bright for Southgate and his troops.

Reading have lost eight games on the trot – a run which has seen them drop into the relegation zone and left Coppell and his men fighting for their lives. It seems clear what is going wrong. Where they were scoring a few goals at the start of the season, they are now drawing blanks in front of goal. Their defence has been terrible all season and they have been shipping goals like crazy. As for the midfield, well there’s hardly any creativity there, which is another reason for the lack of goals. And to top it all, Reading don’t have that large a squad, which leaves the manager with little choice but to play his flops every week. I can’t see Reading climbing out of the relegation zone, yet I see them getting something here.

For me, these two sides have around the same amount of quality so it is interesting to see the differences in their league position. I think Boro have really pushed forward after a couple of good results and this boost in confidence has swept them away from the relegation zone. Reading on the other hand have lost all their confidence after a couple of defeats, which has led them to lose week in, week out. They must find a win and fast. I think Boro will be shattered after that tightly contested game against Sheffield United, therefore I tip Reading to claim a point.

Prediksiku: 2-1

Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers

I think that everyone from Newcastle downwards have a chance of being relegated. Newcastle haven’t tasted victory since the arrival of King Kev and the fans are beginning to wonder what all the fuss over his appointment was about. The bottom line is, the Magpies are only six points away from the relegation zone and can still get sucked into that dogfight if they fail to win this game. Newcastle are losing too many games and the players don’t really seemed to be bothered. Also, the likes of Wigan are adapted to a relegation battle more than Newcastle, which should send further warning signals to the Magpies’ backroom staff. There are a lot of problems for Newcastle and the only way these can be solved is if they were to actually win a game.

Ninth-placed Blackburn Rovers are only five points away from a Uefa Cup spot with eleven games remaining. For all who watched Rovers at the start of the campaign, you will know the Lancashire side are more than capable of going on a good winning streak and could possibly sneak into sixth spot. But in order for that to happen, Rovers will have to win this game and other fixtures similar to it. Of course, they have a wonderful squad, which should be able to achieve this. Samba and Nelsen are brilliant at the back and protect fantastic Friedel in goal. Rovers have an exceptional pair of wingers in Bentley and Pedersen and with Santa Cruz and McCarthy up front, Blackburn are guaranteed a lot of goals. Hopefully, they can really go on and push for that final Uefa Cup spot.

Newcastle’s defence was absolutely shocking against Manchester United in their recent defeat and due to this fact I see it difficult for them to get anything from this game, even though they are at home. Blackburn are a tough side to beat and can really hurt teams when they go forward.

Prediksiku: 0-1 /seri peluang  ada di blackburn. dari 5 pertemuan sebelumnya di kandang newcaste.3 x tim tamu menang.

West Ham United v Chelsea

West Ham are too far from a European spot at the moment, however they do have a game in hand, against Liverpool, to play. The Hammers have impressed this season with their ability to play without their best players and they must continue this if they are to finish sixth. However, even if they finish tenth, I’m sure fans and players will realise they have a lot to build on, so expect the Hammers to seriously challenge for a top-six finish next campaign. As for now, they just have to get through the season.

Avram Grant’s team selection against Tottenham for the Carling Cup Final was appalling and it showed. However, we must realise Chelsea have a full squad of world-class players so there will always be someone disappointed with not being named in the first XI. Saying that, why Joe Cole didn’t start the game and why Anelka played wide only Avram Grant knows. But as they say, that is in the past now and the former Israeli coach will now have to show his expertise and try to help Chelsea push for the Premier League title as well as the two other competitions. Certainly, if Grant decides to stick with his most consistent players, Chelsea should be good enough to do well this season.

There’s always something about West Ham when they play the ‘big’ sides. They beat Liverpool and Manchester United and with Chelsea going into this game under pressure after last weekend’s shambles, the Hammers will feel they have a reasonable chance of getting something here. Nevertheless, I think Grant is intelligent enough to recall his best players and the Blues should edge a win.

Prediksiku: 1-1

Sunday 2 March

Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool

Good old physical Bolton are ready to battle it out with Liverpool this weekend for three league points. After a 4-1 thrashing by Blackburn last week, Megson’s Trotters will be looking to cause an upset and win this hard home game. Bolton are a tough-tackling side and do have the battling spirit to win games. But of course, since Nicolas Anelka has left they have hardly had that attacking influence and so struggle in front of goal. But Bolton can annoy some teams with their strength and they will certainly have to use this against Liverpool.

The Reds are well and truly chasing fourth spot and with Rafa’s men playing a week later than everyone else in the Champions League, he will surely pick his strongest team for this game. Liverpool have shown how good they are in selected games this season and it would be nice of the Reds could bag three or four goals here just to boost confidence. Bolton will be a hard game, but Liverpool have enough attacking quality to threaten the Trotters’ defence, without being threatened themselves.

The outcome of this game will depend on who has the better attack. Fernando Torres is one who could change this game. I can see tackles and cards but only a few breakthroughs, which Liverpool, rather than Bolton, will take advantage of.


Everton v Portsmouth

Fourth-placed Everton brushed aside contenders Man City in their last game and now have a tie against another top-four hopeful. Moyes has done a fantastic job with the Toffees, which is mainly the reason why they are still in the Uefa Cup too. I think Yakubu has proved to be an exceptional signing and Joleon Lescott is definitely making a good claim to be named in the England squad. Similar to Blackburn, Everton have an adaptive team with lots of top-class, attacking players so they will always score goals. Everton are going in the right direction, but as for whether they will finish fourth, I think we will have to wait until their crunch fixture against Liverpool until we can determine that.

Portsmouth are quite similar to Everton, but I think Redknapp’s side have slipped a bit recently. They are no longer the goal-fest, free-scoring team, nonetheless Defoe is impressing in his first few games for Pompey. I’m sure Pompey will finish the season well, but unfortunately, I do not see them qualifying for Europe.

Nevertheles, I think Portsmouth will win this game. They really turn up away from home and though Everton are fabulous at the minute, I think Portsmouth can stop them. Defoe is playing well and I see Everton really dominating this game, but Portsmouth grabbing a win.

prediksiku everton menang – tidak ada kamus seri dalam 10 pertemuan kedua tim sebelumnya baik tandang maupun kandang 


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